World Premiere – Tim Chantarangsu & August Rigo “It’s Not Fair”

I know I really need to get back on posting new shit on here, please forgive me! Big shoutout to my boy Tim Chantarangsu (aka Timothy Delaghetto) for tapping in to my twitch show, Club Kitchen, to premiere his new record with August Rigo (“Back To Sleep” – Chris Brown) called “It’s Not Fair.” I’ve known Tim for over 10 years and its dope to see how he’s progressed in music and to see him continue to be successful.


Life has been super crazy the last month or so, especially with “Social Distancing” and everyone having to stay quarantined indoors. I get a lot of friends and fam from Cali asking me “How’s Vegas been right now?” Here’s a video I came across that shows exactly how Vegas has been with everything going on. Shoutout to @Michaeltushaus for this!